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What Is Kratom

What is Kratom?

Kratom is one of the most widely known supplements in the world. Kratom is all natural and is produced from the leaves of a tropical evergreen tree indigenous to Southeast Asia–Mitragyna speciosa .

Kratom is known to be very versatile, with different types of Kratom producing different effects. Pain, anxiety, depression, and opioid withdrawal are just a few of the many conditions Kratom has been reported to help. Kratom has been used in traditional medicine in countries like Thailand and Malaysia since the 19th century.

It grew in popularity in Europe and abroad during the 2000s, and by 2015 it was widely available in retail stores such as headshops and also sold on the internet. Buying Kratom online is safe and easy, and Kratom Bloom is here to help you. In the rest of this article, we’ll cover what is Kratom, how to use Kratom, is Kratom safe, and where to buy Kratom online.

Kratom 101: Everything You Need to Know About Kratom

Kratom is produced from the dried leaves of Mitragyna speciosa. Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree which is part of the coffee family. In Southeast Asia where it is mainstream and culturally abundant, Kratom is often used by chewing the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa or making a tea with them. In Thailand, Kratom is known as krathom, from which its name is derived.

Most Kratom sold commercially is dried and powdered Mitragyna speciosa. Many consider the powder form the cheapest way to take Kratom, but some people consider capsules the best way to take kratom.

Depending on the user and individual, the dosing of kratom can vary. Low doses of Kratom are reported to produce energetic and euphoric effects, whereas higher doses are reported to produce an opiate-like effect.

Similarly, different types of Kratom can produce different effects. At Kratom Bloom we sell only the best Kratom, which is lab tested, verified, and of the highest quality. Our current selection includes, re white and green Maeng Da Kratom; red, white and green Borneo Kratom; red, white and green Bali Kratom; red, white and green Malay Kratom; red, white and green Sumatra Kratom; and red, white and green Thai Kratom.

The most important distinction to know here is that the maturity of the plant is what varies between red, white, and green Kratom. White comes from an immature plant; green from a maturing plant; and red from a mature one. White and green Kratom are said to produce stimulating and euphoric effects, whereas red Kratom is known for its opioid-like and pain-relieving effects. The geographic part of the names, such as Thai or Bali, denote where it was grown.

Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for well over 100 years. Many have reported to use it for energy, pain, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and opioid addiction. The best Kratom strain will always depend on the desired effect. Many people say that the best Kratom for pain and the best kratom for sleep is red Kratom. The best Kratom for energy is white Kratom. And the best Kratom for euphoria is green or white Kratom.

You Can Use Kratom to Help Alleviate Pain

Kratom is increasingly studied for its potential in the management of pain and opioid abuse.

A popular documentary, A Leaf of Faith, explores Kratom’s use by ex-athletes for pain management. Former WWE wrestler Chris Weisse is an outspoken supporter of Kratom and reveals in the documentary that he used Kratom to help him stop taking a variety of pharmaceutical drugs.

Kratom’s therapeutic potential derives from the 40 alkaloids the plant provides. Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing organic compounds that perform a variety of functions for plants and are consumed whenever people eat those plants. Importantly, alkaloids can produce mind-altering effects. Caffeine is an alkaloid, for example. The therapeutically beneficial alkaloids in Mitragyna speciosa are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. These alkaloids interact with the brain’s mu opioid receptor which is responsible for processing reward-related signals, such as pleasurable feelings, when a person uses opiates or other narcotic substances.

The appeal of using Kratom for pain management and opioid addiction is two-fold: (1) anecdotal evidence suggests that it helps tens of thousands of people with pain management and (2) it works without the negative side effects of opiates.

As mentioned previously, many people consider the best Kratom for pain to be a Red strain, often the Red Bali or Red Maeng Da strains.

Kratom has also been known to promote general well-being. Many people have used Kratom for the euphoria and energy it induces. These attributes are known to be found in the green and white strains. Some of the most popular are the Green Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, Green Thai, and White Borneo. So if you want the best Kratom for energy then you want a white or green kratom strain.

Is Kratom Safe?

Kratom purchased from Kratom Bloom is always 100% pure Kratom. All Kratom Bloom products are lab tested for impurities and additives and the test results of each batch are available online.

Buyer beware, Kratom is not a FDA approved substance. This means that it is especially important to know where your Kratom is sourced from and that it is 100% unadulterated Mitragyna Speciosa.

Kratom should never have any toxic substances in it. The overwhelming concern with Kratom products is that they can be adulterated with substances that are dangerous and toxic. At Kratom Bloom, you are always guaranteed 100% pure, high-quality, lab-tested Kratom. That is our promise.

Is Kratom legal in the United States?

Kratom is illegal in some places in the world, but it is not illegal federally. Kratom is illegal in the following US states: Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Wisconsin.

Where to Buy Kratom

Kratom can be purchased in many places. Figuring out where I can buy Kratom is the easy part, but the tricky part is finding reputable Kratom vendors.

Buying Kratom online is the safest and easiest way to buy Kratom. Buying Kratom online is preferable because it is discreet, affordable, and you can check the lab results to ensure safety and quality.

Kratom Bloom is the best place to get Kratom online. We are one of the most trusted, safe, and reliable vendors for Kratom online. You can buy Kratom bulk or in smaller quantities. We’re here to work with you. Buying should be easy, and we hope this information will help you choose the right Kratom from one of the world’s most trusted vendors: Kratom Bloom.


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Published on December 3, 2020

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