About Silver Kratom Extract

Our Full Spectrum Silver Kratom Extract is a great way to use kratom on-the-go. Each 10ml bottle (a little smaller
than a 5 hour energy) can be used for 2 or 3 doses. The Mitragynine content in the Silver Kratom Extract is 45%,
making it good for mild relief, where as the Gold Kratom Extract (make this a hyperlink to is 99% mitragynine and has much more powerful and long-lasting effects. Full Spectrum means that it was
made with all varieties of kratom (Whites, Greens, Reds) and provides all-around wellness for stimulation, energy,
relaxation, and pain.

Effects of Silver Kratom Extract

● Enhanced energy and motivation to tackle the day’s tasks with ease
● Mood elevation and a general feeling of well-being
● May relieve pain, often utilized as a natural alternative to harmful and addictive painkillers

Origins of Silver Kratom Extract

Kratom extracts hit the market a few years ago as a way to consolidate how much kratom people use and and how
often they use it. This extract is made by combining the 3 main types of kratom (White, Green, Red), which provides
an all-around effect that we call “full spectrum”. Not lost in the extract process is of course the bitter taste of kratom,
which makes it nice to have something to wash it down with.

Silver Kratom Extract Sizes

Our Silver Kratom Extract is available in 10ml bottles for your convenience. Purchase as much or as little as you
need, either way you’ll enjoy the many benefits of this superior product.