5 Things to Check When Buying Kratom Powder and Capsules

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When you buy kratom powder, many factors affect the quality of both the experience and the product. From understanding what kratom strain is best suited for your needs to deciding how much you should take. These five things can help guide your decision process when seeking the best quality red kratom powders.

Leaves / Powder Ratio

Some brands tell you how many capsules they include in what’s listed as 300mg of powder. However, some other companies will list specifically their “Kratom dosage.” You want to make sure this is accurate, or else you’ll seriously regret buying your kratom through them.

Be Sure The Word “Organic,” “Whole Leaf,” And Other Claims Are Truthful

There is a fine line between marketing that implies natural properties to herbal products versus scientific studies showing safe and effective use without side effects or interactions with other drugs or herbs. If you choose to buy white kratom capsules, stick to the information, including statements about how it has improved patients’ quality of life and reduced their pain.

Cheapest Is Not Always The Best

Don’t be confused by free shipping or “Excellent customer service” phrases that are just marketing ploys to get your attention and find out anything about their goods. Spend a little more for better success than trying cheap alternatives with no guarantee of a good product.
And this is the critical factor to consider when you buy white kratom capsules. There won’t be any regret if you use this advice. Your kratom powder will end up being the best it can be because you’re testing your higher standards.

Getting Discounts

By comparing different kratom prices between vendors, you can save a significant amount of money. Even if a product appears to be more expensive at first glance, using discounts or coupons might help you shave a few dollars off your final purchase price. Also, keep an eye out for sales. Vendors often offer buy-one-get-one deals as well as other special offers.

How Much Is Enough?

A little bit of kratom powder is very effective, but too much can cause side effects, like feeling nauseous or throwing up. Remember that you can always take more, but you can’t take less. If you’re just starting with kratom capsules, start small—and always follow directions on dosage.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the science behind what makes kratom different can help you find precisely what component contributes to the best quality red kratom powders. The most important thing to keep in mind is that what might work well for one person could be wrong for another. Try out a few different strains, vendors, and quantities to see what works best for you.

Should You Try Kratom Tea?

Should You Try Kratom Tea? kratom bloom

Kratom is an all-natural supplement that is sourced from Mitragyna speciosa, which is an evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia and Thailand. It has been used for hundreds of years by indigenous peoples for its ability to reduce pain, heal wounds, help with indigestion, and so much more. Today, kratom is commonly found in powder or capsule form, such as what Kratom Bloom offers, for easy use. But the most popular method for Kratom users is to drink kratom tea?

Kratom Bloom offers kratom for sale online. We offer all strains of kratom, including red, green, and white vein kratom. We offer the highest-quality kratom at affordable prices that ship right to your door. Our supplier is approved by the American Kratom Association. Our mission is to offer you a product you can be 100% satisfied with. Below, we’ll go over a brief introduction to kratom tea and offer up tips to see if it’s right for you. Visit us online, and buy kratom for sale online today!


Kratom tea is made from the leaves of kratom. Traditionally, the leaves were chewed and then boiled up into tea. Today, kratom tea is made by boiling and dissolving the kratom leaves into water. It is used for pain relief, as a stimulant similar to coffee, as a treatment for health conditions, such as high blood pressure or diabetes, as an opiod withdrawal aid, and more. 

How is Kratom Tea Made?

In the US, kratom tea is most popularly made using kratom powder. Basically, you heat water and then mix the appropriate dosage of kratom into the water and drink. However, many people complain of the taste and texture. This problem is solved by straining your tea before drinking it. You’ll still get plenty of benefits from kratom, just without the flavor and the plant matter taste.


The answer here is: it depends. Kratom tea can make a wonderful, soothing drink much like coffee. You can take it over time and experience the effects longer since you are sipping it rather than taking a whole dose by powder or capsule. Kratom tea can be as strong as you want it to be. It all depends on how much kratom powder you put in to brew with your water. Boiling does not kill the healthy natural ingredients in kratom either.

Many people choose kratom tea for its calming and relaxation effects, especially if you sip it over time. If you’ve had a long day, coming home to a meal and a cup of kratom tea could be just what you need to de-stress.

Popular additives to kratom tea include adding lemon to sweeten the flavor, as well as honey. Some people prefer to let their tea cool. This is another alternative for those who don’t like the powdery taste, as the powder falls to the bottom. Thus, you can have iced kratom tea as well. In sum, you can treat kratom tea as you would any other tea, adding in milk, cream, sugar, and more to your preferred taste.


Kratom Bloom is passionate about offering the highest-quality kratom for your uses. We offer red, green, and white vein kratom strains in both powder and capsules. You can use our powder to make kratom tea and add dried fruit, ginger, syrups, and more. We offer free samples of all our kratom for sale products so you can decide which one is for you. It’s our mission to help you with your needs, which is why we are so vigilant about our kratom sources.

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Introduction to Kratom Strains

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If you’ve been around kratom for any length of time, you probably know that kratom comes from the leaves of Mitragyna speciosa, which is a tree that grows in Southeast Asia. The leaves of this tree have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes, such as for pain relief, stomach problems, and for an energy boost. But did you know that there are different kinds of kratom strains that offer different benefits?

Kratom Bloom offers high-quality kratom for sale online. We offer both kratom powder and capsules in a variety of strains to suit your needs. We also offer free kratom samples to help you decide which ones are right for you. Our prices are affordable, and we only ship from a GMP certified facility. In short, when you partner with us, you can rest assured your kratom is the best. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the different strains of kratom. Order yours online today!


There are three main strains of kratom: green, red, and white. Yellow vein kratom is considered a new strain with dubious origins. These strains are broken down further, but are all within these three umbrella strains, and they are usually broken down by location of where the kratom is sourced. This can make a difference in the effects you will get as well.

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom has a different taste than the others and is considered the most potent form or kratom strain outside of Maeng Do. Thus, it is not for the beginner kratom user. It is used to increase your energy and alertness and improve your mood. It is frequently now used in place of coffee for an energy boost or for stamina during a long work day. Its effects last anywhere between three to five hours.

Red Vein Kratom

The most popular form of kratom is the red vein kratom, named after the leaves that it is sourced from that have a red vein. This type of kratom is known for its pain relief or euphoric feeling it brings users. It also relaxes the body and muscles, so it is often used in place of prescription painkillers. This strain is the preferred one for opiate withdrawal symptoms as well. Red kratom is the least potent form of kratom, which explains its popularity. It is the preferred type for beginners, and its effects are short-lived, averaging around five hours.

Green Vein Kratom

If you are looking for a kratom that is not potent but not mild, green vein kratom is your choice. It has more stimulant effects than white kratom and helps with energy. It also helps with focus and can help relieve pain. It does not cause drowsiness, either. Green vein kratom can be mixed with red or white kratom for a more rounded taste and effect. Its effects last for about eight hours.

Yellow Vein Kratom

Yellow vein kratom is the least popular of all the kratom strains and actually considered more of a rarity. However, it is gaining in popularity. In fact, it is much different than the others and is believed to be created by a different drying technique than the white vein kratom. It works very quickly and is quite intense, making it sit somewhere between white and green in terms of effects. It offers a similar effect to the green vein kratom, but in a more mild way. It does last a long time and helps with energy and stress and anxiety relief.


Kratom Bloom offers green, red, and white kratom for your uses and needs. We also offer free samples as long as you pay shipping. This is an excellent opportunity to try the different strains and see which one will work the best for you. We also are offering an excellent opportunity for those looking to get into the kratom business. We are offering individuals and businesses a chance to partner with us and become a distributor of our kratom or create your own brand. Not only is it a great time to be getting into the kratom business, but you will already have the supply and the support you need to succeed. Visit our website, and order kratom online today!

Benefits of Red Kratom

red kratom leaf

As we learned in our last blog post, there are different types or strains of kratom, each with a slightly different composition that offers different benefits for the user. Green kratom we learned is great as a stimulant and for energy, as well as other uses. In this blog post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at red kratom and its benefits. Shop online at Kratom Bloom today!

What is Red Kratom?

Red kratom, like its cousin, Green kratom, comes from the mitragyna speciosa tree that grows natively in Southeast Asia, namely Thailand and Malaysia. Red kratom is differentiated from Green kratom because of the color of its leaves. Red kratom has a beautiful red vein in its leaves that continues down its stem. To make matters more complicated, there are different strains as well that mainly has to do with potency. These differences are determined by where the red kratom tree grows.


Red vein kratom has many benefits for the user.

Helps With Pain

All kratom contains the chemical mitragynine. This substance has a very similar effect to the pain-relieving drugs such as codeine and morphine. It also relaxes the muscles and thus is used as a replacement for prescription pain relievers.

Helps with Insomnia

Unlike green kratom, red kratom is not known for its stimulating effects. In fact, it has the opposite effect of being known for its sedative qualities. It is frequently used by those suffering from insomnia as it calms users down and relaxes them. Red kratom is also very mild, so it is popular with those new to kratom who are just now trying it out.

Helps with Opiate Withdrawal Symptoms

Opiates affect the sympathetic nervous system, which is the system responsible for increasing the endorphins in the body. The problem becomes that as your body gets used to this effect, it requires more opiates in order to achieve the same effect, which is how an opiate addiction is formed. kratom contains alkaloids that can bond with opiate receptors in the body. kratom relaxes these receptors, bringing it back down to homeostasis. Opiate withdrawal symptoms can be severe and unpleasant. They include nausea, depression, insomnia, body aches, mood swings, suicidal thoughts, and appetite problems.

Helps Relieve Stress

Since red kratom has such soothing effects on the body, many use it as a stress reliever. Stress can cause many ill effects to your body, such as headaches, upset stomach, chest pain, elevated blood pressure, and more. It can also cause people to turn to unhealthy ways to relieve stress, such as alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs. Kratom is an all-natural alternative that can help with stress relief and keep the physical symptoms of stress at bay.


At Kratom Bloom, we offer kratom for sale online, including red kratom. We offer many different varieties to suit your needs, such as Red Thai Powder, Red Sumatra Powder, and Red Malay Powder. We also offer red kratom in our capsules as well. These come in the same varieties, as well as Red Maeng Da and Red Bali as well. If you are new to kratom and are looking for a free sample, we can send them to you for only the cost of shipping. This is a great way to discover kratom and see the effects for yourself without having to commit to purchasing a large quantity. 

It’s super important to consult your physician before taking a kratom regimen. Plus, you’ll need to do your research, especially with regards to red kratom. There are many strains of red kratom that are vastly different from one another, and they carry many different effects. For example, Red Bali kratom is the most popular of all the red vein kratom varieties. It is popular with beginners because it offers short-term effects. In essence, you want to find the right one for you. Here at Kratom Bloom, we only offer the highest-quality kratom for sale, which has been approved by the American Kratom Association and shipped from a GMP certified facility. Our mission is to help you with your ailments and conditions, while ensuring you are 100% satisfied.

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What is Green Kratom?

What is Green Kratom? kratom bloom

If you’ve heard of kratom, then you probably have heard of its many benefits, from helping relieve anxiety and depression to helping with stomach aches, diarrhea, and as an opioid withdrawal tool. For those who suffer from conditions that kratom can help, kratom can be an appealing alternative.

Kratom Bloom offers premium kratom online for those looking for its benefits. Indigenous people in Southeast Asia have been using the Mitragyna Speciosa kratom plant for centuries as a stimulant, for cough and diarrhea relief, for mood stability, as an antiseptic for wounds, and to help with pain. Kratom is affordable and legal in most states. Below, we’ll take a look at what green kratom is all about. Checkout the selection of premium green kratom in our store today!


The mitragyna speciosa plant can produce many different types of kratom from the same tree. Green vein kratom is one strain, and each strain has slightly different properties. Green vein kratom is known to give people energy, help improve concentration and focus, while also easing the mind from stress and anxiety. It also helps with pain relief, so many people use green kratom as an all-around wellness aid.


kratom is part of the coffee family, which explains its energy and vitality properties. Below, we’ll enumerate its particular benefits.

Boosts Energy

There are many reasons that we need energy throughout our day. Some people experience trouble sleeping at night and find themselves lagging at work. Or perhaps you need a mid-day pick-me up after having a physically draining workout. Many people use green kratom when they want to ward off sleepiness on a long trip. Or, perhaps you are waiting up to finish a TV series, or you have a high-energy job. The energy-boosting properties are why many people use green kratom powder in a variety of ways and also use green kratom capsules when they’re on-the-go.

Relieves Pain

Pain is extremely common. In fact, we all face some sort of physical pain in our lives, as it’s the body response to let you know something is wrong. However, chronic pain can impact your quality of life and can make life overall unpleasant. It can prevent you from doing your favorite activities, including activities with your family. Green kratom is extremely effective for muscle and joint pain, headaches, or migraines.

Acts as a Stimulant

Green vein kratom is one of the most effective kratom strains if you are seeking a stimulant. A stimulant is anything that impacts the nervous system or the physiological system by speeding it up, especially one that excites the brain. Common stimulants used by humans to achieve certain energizing effects are caffeine, nicotine, cocaine, and methamphetamines. Stimulants are most commonly used to increase awareness, mood, focus, and alertness. Many people use the harder stimulants such as methamphetamines to achieve certain effects. However, kratom provides a 100% natural and organic alternative to other harmful stimulants. Stimulants can also be used for weight loss by reducing one’s appetite, to stay up all night or start an early morning, or to just get s*** done. Other stimulants still have some of these effects, just not at such a potent level.

Helps With Concentration

Green kratom is well-known for improving mental alertness and offering those who take it the ability to think clearer. It’s easy to fall behind when you are a student studying or you are working at a demanding job, so sometimes we need an extra boost of concentration. Concentration is the most fundamental aspect of accomplishing a task at hand. In addition, no matter what work you are doing, such as exercising or trying to improve performance, concentration can make a huge difference. Green kratom you can purchase online can help. Try some green kratom from Kratom Bloom today, like our popular Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, and Green Thai.

Acts as an Antidepressant

Since green kratom is a stimulant, it can have the ability to make those suffering from depression have more energy, feel relaxed, and not have as many anxieties. Depression is a common condition that can affect everyone at some point in their lives, whether you just lost a loved one or you are struggling with certain events in your life. It also presents itself differently in everyone, which makes depression notoriously hard to treat. Green kratom is one option to try in consultation with your physician if you are suffering from depression. Order kratom online today!


In this life, we all face challenges and adversities. Life can undoubtedly be hard, and life can feel overwhelming or completely out of your control. It’s important to have ways to cope with life’s circumstances in order to overcome your challenges and emerge the stronger.

We offer green kratom online for those looking for any of the aforementioned benefits. Kratom Bloom offers top-shelf green kratom as powder and capsules. We source our products directly from Indonesia and surrounding tropical areas that are perfect for producing alkaloid-rich kratom. All of our products are available in different sizes for your convenience. Kratom Bloom partners with a supplier that has been approved by the American Kratom Association and upholds Good Manufacturing Processes. We only offer the highest-quality kratom shipped from a GMP-certified facility. Our company goes to great efforts to ensure that your needs are taken care of in the best and fastest way possible.

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A Brief History of Kratom

A Brief History of Kratom kratom bloom

Many people have never heard of kratom, an increasingly-popular supplement to help relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and more. However, kratom has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia where it is sourced. Now, with technology, kratom has been able to make its way here to the United States, helping more people with its benefits.

Kratom Bloom offers kratom for sale online. From kratom powder to capsules, we offer the highest-quality kratom products at affordable prices. Supplied by an American Kratom Association supplier, you can rest assured that you are getting premium kratom to help with your ailments, symptoms, and conditions. Below, we’ll take a look at a brief history of kratom. Shop our kratom for sale today!


Kratom’s history begins like many medicinal plants. Indigenous peoples sought to relieve their ailments and pain by using plants. After experimenting for years, decades, or even perhaps centuries, the medicinal properties of plants would be discovered, and this knowledge would be passed on from generation to generation. In fact, the development of modern pharmaceuticals follows in this same light with trial and error, either with trials with volunteers or with preliminary trials on animals, such as rats and mice.

The history of kratom follows this same pattern. Kratom grows native in Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. It has been used by the people for a vast array of ailments for centuries, including as a stimulant, pain relief, help with diarrhea and cough, and to help with opioid withdrawal. It was used in many ceremonial events, customs, and traditions. From treating diseases to being used as a stress reliever and to achieving altered states of awareness, kratom was exclusive to Southeast Asia until the Dutch began to settle in Thailand in the 1800s. In fact, it was first mentioned by a Dutchman in literature who worked for the Dutch East India Company, the famous early spice trading company. It began to be used as a more affordable alternative to opium. Many Southeast Asians chew kratom to help with pain relief, or they brew it in tea when they are looking to relax.

During this time, kratom’s healing properties were discovered, but it still took another one hundred years before kratom would make its way to the Western World. While kratom is illegal in many countries to grow and possess, it remains largely legal in the United States, excepting a few states that have outlawed it. Kratom is even illegal in Thailand and Malaysia; however, it remains in popular use with the supply coming mainly from Indonesia.

In the early 20th century, kratom finally began to be analyzed by scientists. The psychoactive strains were identified in 1921. The plant was identified as being good for diarrhea relief and stomach issues in 1903. While indigeous people already knew this, it was analyzed by the West now.

So why is kratom limited and/or outlawed, especially in places such as Thailand? Like all drugs that offer an opiate effect, politics plays a role. The fact of the matter is that kratom is extremely affordable when compared to other types of drugs, and some governments want to be able to tax the other drugs. But if kratom is available, these governments will lose out on this revenue.


Luckily, kratom remains largely legal in the United States, and online retailers, such as Kratom Bloom, offer kratom for sale online. As with any other medicine you buy, you want kratom to be of the highest-quality.

Our kratom supplier has been approved by the American Kratom Association, and all of our kratom is shipped from a GMP-certified facility, or Good Manufacturing Processes). We offer same-day shipping, rigorous testing of our products, and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Before beginning any medicinal treatments, it’s important to consult your physician ahead of time. As with any medicine, you should be aware of its side effects if they exist, as well as any potential problems and/or complications related to your use. Everyone is different, meaning everyone will react differently to kratom. In addition, be sure you do your research. There are a lot of kratom sellers online whose products may not be the purest and thus should not be taken without further investigation.

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