Why Is It So Difficult to Find a Kratom Vendor That Accepts Credit Cards?

We Accept All Major Credit Cards

Kratom vendors that accept credit cards at the time of order are few and far between these days. Although kratom has increased in popularity in recent years, credit card processing companies still view the industry as risky.

Credit Card Processors are Hesitant to Work with Kratom Stores

A lot of the uneasiness about kratom amongst credit card processors is a result of chargebacks. Chargebacks occur when a customer complains to their bank that a charge on their account was fraud or the company offering the service did not complete it as promised. Without the knowledge of the company, the kratom credit card processors will take funds from the company and give them back to the consumer.

Another reason it can be difficult to find a kratom seller that accepts credit cards? Those credit card processing companies want to regulate every piece of existing and new content on the kratom vendors’ websites.

Chargebacks and unwanted regulation are problematic for the kratom industry, which is kind of a grey area since kratom has not yet been approved by the FDA for consumption. This is why it is difficult to find kratom companies that take credit cards online at the time of order.

One of the most popular kratom credit card processing companies recently shut their doors. This has left lots of companies scrambling to find new ways to allow customers to buy kratom with credit card. Kratom vendors that accept credit cards are difficult to find, but some accept credit cards with different methods.

Kratom Bloom Accepts Credit Cards for Online Kratom Purchases

The Kratom Bloom team has always handled our own invoicing after customers place their orders. This helps us avoid the issues that other companies are currently experiencing since their processors shut them off.

By controlling our own invoicing, we provide our customers with an easy, reliable way to order kratom online with a credit card. Kratom Bloom accepts all major credit and debit cards. This includes Discover, Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. We also allow customers to buy kratom with bank transfers.

Our Process That Allows Us to Accept Credit Cards

  • The customer places an order
  • Our team is immediately notified
  • We send the customer an invoice link via text AND email within 30 minutes of their order (during business hours)
  • The customer only has to complete the usual credit card fields (card number, expiration date, and CVV) and click “Pay”

Buy Kratom Online via Bank Transfer

If you want to buy kratom with a bank transfer, our bank name and routing/account numbers can be found on the payment link. Many kratom lovers are struggling to find a kratom vendor that accepts credit card, so be sure to tell your friends about Kratom Bloom.

Our credit card processing sets us apart from other kratom stores. Although it seems it would be easier to pay at the time of the order, our invoicing method ensures that our processing will never be shut down. You will always be able to pay for kratom with a credit card, and we will always be here to fulfill your orders.

Our Ability to Accept Credit Card Sets Us Apart From the Rest

Whether you’re shopping for kratom powder or kratom capsules, you can rest easy that we’ll accept your credit card as payment. We even accept credit card for our free sample order – you only have to pay for shipping.

We want to make sure that our customers are able to depend on our services for years to come. Kratom Bloom is in it for the long haul.


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  1. Hello just made my first order. My brother uses this company. I tried your product impressive o. I hope the kratom I ordered is as good. I couldn’t find info on how long it will take to receive my order. All I saw was it’s shipped the day it’s ordered. That doesn’t tell
    Me when to expect delivery. Is there a way to get this info? Or track it? I have had thingsive ordered stolen from my front porch. Would like to avoid that happening again.


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