kratom production process

Kratom production Process

Although kratom is native to southeast Asia, it is widely used all around the world. This is because kratom is claimed to have medicinal properties. Kratom can be sold in various forms in the market.

You can find kratom in capsules, powder, extract, and tincture. All of these require a careful production process. These various forms have different concentrations, with extracts being the most concentrated form of kratom. Depending on the production process employed, the alkaloid makeup of the product changes.

Let it be known, we are not recommending that people use kratom due to the low level of research done. There’s not enough research information to back up its medicinal properties even though they are widely recognized for their therapeutic properties.

Production Processes

Different production processes result in different products. Although there is no standardized method, there are various processes of extracting kratom. The most obvious ingredient used in kratom products is the leaves. Other ingredients involved are based on the product that will be obtained.

Here are the few production processes and the products derived. The production process starts with the picking of the leaves. This is done based on the maturity of the leaves. White kratom is available at the early stage of the plant’s life, while green and red kratom is at the mid-point and peak maturity of the plant’s life cycle.

Drying and Crushing

Depending on the type of kratom, the leaves are harvested and then processed to remove dirt and debris. After removing the dirt, the leaves are washed with clean water. The leaves are then transferred to a drying rack and sun-dried for a few days or until it crumbles when squeezed.

The dried leaves are then processed into a powder. Some particular leaves originate from a particular region and are said to possess unique properties. A good example is Red Borneo and Red Malay kratom powder.


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There is nothing better than taking kratom in capsules. You can buy kratom capsules online or make your own capsules. Empty capsules can usually be found at your local Whole Foods or Natural Grocers but filling capsules takes a lot of time. Capsules are generally an easier way of using and transporting kratom.


Kratom extract can be alcohol or water base. Extracts are more concentrated. This process involves dissolving kratom leaves in water or alcohol and leaving the mixture to sit for at least 1-2 weeks. The mixture is strained for the extract. Tinctures usually come with an eye dropper in the lid for measuring purposes. Extract shots are exactly what they sound like, just a small portable shot of kratom extract that can be used as needed without the mess of kratom powder. Check out our Gold Kratom Extract and Silver Kratom Extract and give them a try. Use the promo code EXTRACT15 to get 15% off all extract shots.


Different production process leads to products with different concentration level. The product you opt for depends on your personal preference. Feel free to include some free samples with your order today.

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Published on May 5, 2022

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