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About Green Vietnam Kratom

Green Vietnam kratom powder is less popular than most, but that is only because of its availability – not its potency. These Green Vietnam kratom leaves are harvested when the mitragyna speciosa kratom plant is in mid-maturity and showing rich and healthy, deep green veins that pack a potent punch. The alkaloids in the kratom plant at this stage of the harvesting process are known to help relax you while also providing energy. Like a smooth boost of motivation and mood elevation.

Effects of Green Vietnam Kratom

Green kratom strains have long been known for their benefits of all-around wellness. Green Vietnam kratom provides users with a full spectrum kratom experience. Among other effects, Green Vietnam kratom powder is known for the following qualities:

  • Soothes anxiety and provides calming effects
  • Helps improve mental clarity
  • Provides energy to tackle the day’s tasks
  • Relaxes muscles and eases tension
  • Gives you an all-around good, happy, hakuna matata feeling

Origins of Green Vietnam Kratom

As stated above, Green Vietnam Kratom powder comes from a centuries-old collective of kratom growers in Southern Vietnam. So it’s no surprise that this strain has become so highly sought after. Mineral-rich soil and centuries-old grooming techniques have worked impeccably. The geographical location of the kratom farms in Vietnam have allowed these trees to soak up the water from the nearby Mekong River and flourish in the tropical climate.

Available Sizes and Uses

This rich and potent Green Vietnam Kratom will help you feel better all around, for a better you! Available in 250g, 500g, and 1 kilo sizes, you can just get a little bit to try out, or place a bulk order and save some money per gram. Additionally, using the powdered form helps the effects kick in faster and also provides versatility of use. Mix your kratom in with a drink, make your own capsules, do the toss & wash method, make your own hot or cold tea, or even bake with it. Here is a how-to video for making kratom brownies if you are interested.

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Powder Weight

250g, 500g, 1Kilo


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