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Red Vietnam Kratom Powder

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About Red Vietnam Kratom

As the name suggests, Red Vietnam kratom powder comes from Vietnam.

There are a few surrounding islands that grow kratom, but the majority of Vietnam’s kratom supply comes from the rich forests of the mainland. The leaves of the Mitragyna Speciosa plant that are used for Red Vietnam are usually the biggest and most mature leaves. As the plant matures, the veins of its leaves turn from white, to green, to red. This mature phase provides the end-product with a unique alkaloid structure that has been used for thousands of years.

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Effects of Red Vietnam Kratom

This strain of Red Vietnam powder can help! 

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The Vietnamese have been growing kratom for centuries, so it’s no wonder why they’ve mastered their high-alkaloid yeilding Red Vietnam. The combination of the nutrient-rich soil in southern Vietnam, as well as the steady supply of water from the Mekong River has allowed the Vietnamese to produce high-quality, highly potent products time and time again. The alkaloids in this Red Vietnam are relaxing. This makes our Red Vietnam Kratom a 100% natural alternative to pharmaceuticals with similar effects. So help yourself and try our Red Vietnam today!

If you like our Red Vietnam powder, we suggest trying some of our similar strains: Red Maeng Da, Red Thai, or the ever-popular Red Bali.

Our kratom comes in three convenient sizes – 250g, 500g, and 1 kilo. This size selection allows you to choose between just trying out the strain or stocking up in bulk. Additionally, powdered kratom is convenient because it has a variety of uses. You can make tea, mix it in a drink, bake your own kratom treats, make kratom capsules, or just toss & wash it down. Enjoy this Red Vietnam kratom strain!

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