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About White Malay Kratom Powder

The White Malay Kratom strain that we carry is one of the highest quality strains on the market today. The leaves that White Malay comes from contain thick white veins and are meticulously selected for picking at the perfect time. The alkaloids packed into this white veined leaves are a 100% natural source of energy. The locals in Malaysia have been chewing on these leaves and brewing white kratom tea for centuries for its stimulating effects.Β 

Effects of White Malay Kratom

Like most white kratom strains, this White Malay strain is primarily used for its energizing effects. Taking white kratom on an empty stomach is not recommended. It is possible that you may experience a loss of appetite from its stimulating effects. The high level of alkaloids in White Malay Powder can make it helpful in the following ways:

– Provide energy to feel awake, engaged, and alert all day long
– Stay focused and on-task at school, work, or other attention-requiring events
– Avoid caffeine jitters and providing an alternative from coffee or energy drinks

Origins of White Malay Kratom

As the name suggests, White Malay comes from mitragyna speciosa plants in the thick jungles of Malaysia. The Malaysians have been harvesting and using this plant for centuries. The wet jungle climate is the perfect place for these kratom trees to flourish, and some people believe the plant has been growing in Malaysia for over a thousand years! The benefits of White Malay Kratom powder are obvious, is always sustainably and responsibly sourced. Buy White Malay kratom today!

Offered In A Variety of Sizes

All of our premium kratom powder products come in 250g, 500g, and 1 kilo sizes. Use the 250g size to try a new strain or use the larger sizes to stock up! The powdered form of kratom is versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. You can brew tea, make your own capsules (a cheaper alternative to buying pre-packed kratom capsules), add it to baking recipes, or just toss it back and wash it down with some water or juice.

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