White Thai Kratom Capsules

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About White Thai Kratom Capsules

Kratom Bloom is your go-to source for premium White Thai Kratom capsules. This strain is harder to come by, so you’ll notice many other vendors do not offer this unique product year-round. Start your day with a burst of energy and tackle your busy day thanks to the energetic benefits of this energizing kratom.

Effects of White Thai Kratom

When you have a long day ahead and need a boost, White Thai Kratom capsules can help you stay energized and on-task. Made from the younger and more vibrant parts of the kratom plant, this powder has stimulating aromas and properties to help you feel more focused and ready to tackle anything.

  • Naturally stimulating to help awaken the senses
  • Energizing aromas to promote focus and productivity
  • Rich alkali content and euphoric properties

This powder differs from green or red strains in that it doesn’t offer as many pain relief benefits.

Origins of White Thai Powder

As the name suggests, this powerful kratom powder is sourced from Thailand. This particular strain comes from smaller, youthful leaves of the kratom tree, the Mitragyna speciosa. Because this kratom is more difficult to find and harvest throughout the year, many vendors do not offer this product. Find more energy for your busy day with this White Thai Kratom strain. Made from cloned Thai kratom trees to keep the phenotypes alive, this strain has been around for centuries. Our kratom powder is all natural, free of additives, fillers, and chemicals.

Available Sizes and Dosage

Kratom Bloom offers this powdered format in 3 available package sizes: 250g, 500g, and 1kilo. This is convenient in case you just want to try it out or stock up.

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Capsule Weight

250g, 500g, 1Kilo

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